Bathroom Ceramic Tile 6" x 6" T01 $80/EACH


This magnificent hand-sculpted Kitchen Back-Splash wall tile collection was designed and made in my studio on the island of Maui, Hawaii. Our kitchen backsplash designs range in size from individual 6”x 6” tiles to large, multi-panel designs such as our 23”x 50” five-panel designs with many sizes in between. We create a variety of Hawaiian themed relief designs such as Sweet Maui Pineapples, Maui Swaying Palm Trees, Hawaiian Sea Turtles, Hawaii Fish, and Maui Humpback Whales and more. The relief design gives the tile a 3D texture appearance. We offer a beautiful array of colors and sizes to select from, custom colors and sizes upon request to complement your home decor.  Our tiles make great kitchen backsplashes, pool tiles, bathroom tiles, or hanging wall art. Ceramics can also be placed outdoors, in cold or hot climates, our glazes are non-toxic. Wire hook attached on the back upon request if you’re planning to use as wall art.


We only use the highest quality cone 5 glazes available, so the weather will not affect the shine/luster, or the brilliant hues over the years, and it’s non-toxic. This piece has a beautiful array of five to six plus mixed glaze colors and the temperature to melt the glazes needs to reach 2135 plus degrees during the firing.  These high temperatures not only melt the glaze to its true glass form but also cause them to move about allowing for additional colors to come forth during the firing, this allows each piece to be distinctive in its own remarkable appearance. The actual clay body consists of porcelain and stoneware clay giving it durability yet allowing the glazes shine to excel in its spectacular hues.


The actual clay body consists of two types of clay, porcelain, and stoneware.  The stoneware gives the ceramics incredible durability and the porcelain allows the glazes to shine their spectacular hues, indoors and outdoors. Clean with your favorite dish detergent and water.


If we are sold out of the particular design you desire we can reproduce it in approximately 3 to 4 weeks. Please place your order early to receive by a certain date.


My ceramic designs have inspired our clients to create very lovely tropical Hawaiian themes in their home, whether they live in Hawaii, Washington, New York, Canada or anywhere else on our beautiful, diverse planet.


Bring some Aloha into your life from Maui!

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